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Michel Roy
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I am thinking about the purchase of a 450SLC 1974 in very good condition (100K miles). This is an American model imported in Canada from USA. Since I know that this motor like very much gasoline and can be costly to maintain, I am thinking about changing the motor and possibly the transmission. I have the opportunity to buy for cheap a 300d 1977 with 85K miles. What kind of problems should I expect if I put the motor and the transmission of the 300d into the 450slc. I know the rear axle ratio is different, but what else ?? Is the supports for the motor are about the same place ?
Can I connect the diesel to the original transmission of the slc ?
I really like the look of the slc and I don't really mind about losing the original performance of the motor. Economy on gas and maintenance is more important for me.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Michel Roy
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