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The car is an '87 560SL. Thanks to Benzmac and others, I was able to remove the steering wheel and dash, and fix my earlier problem.

In the process, I found a dangling light bulb, and lo and behold, it's the SRS light, which now remains on when the car is on, even when the seat belt is buckled.

This car had been in a wreck before I bought it, and the fact that the light was disconnected from the dash leads me to believe that the dealer is clearly (pick one):
a) dishonest
b) inept
c) ignorant

Is there a code that needs re-setting when the airbag is replaced?

The replacement of the airbag and steering wheel is so fundamental that I'm virtually certain it's installed correctly. Battery connections are good. Found a lot of good information by searching this topic, but would love everyone's best advice.

Thanks in advance for your help.


'87 560 SL
'74 MGB

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