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coil problems on '86 W124

Hi guys,

Ok, heres what happened.

1. 1 week ago my car wouldn't start(1986 300E with the M103.983 motor)

2. Diagnosed the problem to a bum coil. Used a timing light to find a no spark condition on all plugs.

3. Absolutley needed the part ASAP. Local dealer quoted $177 and would have to order, would take 3-4 days.

4. Local Euro Import shop had the correct Bosch coil in stock, price $66 bucks. Just to be sure I take the old coil to the shop, we compare part numbers, find out that Bosch has a "superceded" or updated part, and the one he has in stock is this new part.

5. Take it home, it installs perfectly, all the bolt holes line up, the terminals are in the right place and the right size etc.

6. Car starts and runs GREAT.......for exactly one week

7. Now same conditions found, no spark on any plugs using timing light method.

Does anybody have any ideas?? Could something( and what thing) could be burning out coils? or could it just be a bad/wrong coil.(perhaps this coil wasn't quite up to MB standards) even though that seems hard to beleive since the original coil was Bosch manufacture.

Sure would appreciate some insight from you guys.

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