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Ok, first off a coil has to have power and ground interuption (signal) to fire. However, the flaw in your testing is simple, you check for fire from the coild at the coil wire, you check the spark plugs wires for cap and/or rotor problems. Take the coil wire off, place the end about 1/4" from metal and have someone turn the motor over for you, if it fires, it aint the coil. :-) If it does not fire, time to look for signal, this can be done with a dvom or a test light by removing the ground lead and chacking for ground interuption.

If you have fire from the coil and none to the plugs either you have a bad cap, rotor or rotor support. If you have no signal for fire to the coil, EZL or crank sensor. However, before you condem anything, make sure you cover the basics, power to the coild, fuses ok, OVP (while it wont stop a 103 from starting it will cause other weird problems.)

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