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Sorry read it wrong

Sorry I read the post first time it was wrong it’s the other way around but same rules apply.

1. As Sugimami said about the transmission types your car has a 722.409 and a tranny for the 300E 3.0 needs to be a 722.358 this is a little different. I ask a similar question and M.B. Doc advised that the Valve Body inside the unit has to be different too Transmission swap made easy? I did some more researched and he is on the money! I was just trying to go from a 722.408 to a 722.409, but you have a whole different series…

2. To be sure of what you have you got to get the numbers it is on the passenger side of the unit horizontal just above the pan gasket, it might hidden under dirt and oil just wipe it clean . It should be a whole bunch of number 24 in all. Something like this “124 270 03 00 722 409 02 123456” the break down is like this:
. a. The first 10 number is your part number yours should be one 124 270 03 00
. b. The next 6 is your series it should be 722 409 only!
. c. The next 2, “02” designate it’s a left hand steering and a automatic.
. d. The last 6 is your serial number.

3. This modulator for the 722.409 is red. The one for the 722.358 is black. The following are specs you need to be at:
. a. Modulating pressure: 722.409=3,3 bars / 722.358=4,0 bars
. b. Operation pressure: 722.409=10,9±1,0 bars / 722.358=13,0±1,0 bars
. c. Governor pressure: @30 km/h both are 0,9 bars / but @90 km/h 722.409=2,4 bars / 722.358=2,3 bars

4. The picture that DIYBenz got is from it use to be free but now you have to pay. For the 722.3 and 722.4 they had over 30 pages of very detailed color pictures, luckily I printed them out before they turned it off sorry don’t have a soft copy…

5. Hey if you can, ask for a swap for a 722.358, you got a good working unit, not sure of your location but look at a use unit for a 300E 3.0 is between $600-$1000 I didn’t see anything over 1K.

Let us know what you find out,
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