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Question Car repainting question

I posted the question below inthe Detailing Forum, but there were no responses. I am hoping to have a better (any) response here. Thanks.....

I own a 1991 420SEL with 223K miles. The car's engine, transmission and other running components are in extremely good shape. The car's interior is in near-new conditions, the leather is fresh and the wood looks very good.

Alas, however, portions of the exterior paint are beginning to exhibit the dreaded "clear coat hazing" problem. The roof has developed a milky, glazed condition. It started in a small area, but now it nearly covers the entire roof. Portions of the trunk are likewise beginning to dull up. The sides of the car are in good shape, with only the unusal, minor parking lot nicks.

The car is a midnight blue. I live in a coastal area with many foggy mornings, lots of dew and clear sunshine in the afternoons. The cars is parked outside.

I've asked around for estimates and most shops charge approximately $3K to $4K for a total repaint. These shops use Glasurit paint, which is Benz's and BMW's OEM paint.

Frankly, I do not want to spend $3K to $4K to repaint the entire car. It just doesn't make good economic sense to spend that much money on a paint job for a car that: (1) is a daily driver, exposed to regular traffic conditions (like collisions) or the slings and arrows of parking lot encounters; (2) its Blue Book value may be only around $10K (although the car is worth a lot more than that to me); and (3) given the car's age and mileage I should be saving money for the inevitable mechanical problems that will begin to crop after the ticker hits the 250K miles mark.

What are your thoughts and/or suggestions regarding: (1) a partial repaint, that is, paint only the areas affected? (2) using a different brand paint instead of Glasurit (3) having the car painted by one of the "chain shops" (4) giving the car to my next oldest daughter, taking money out of the kids' college fund and splurging on a brand new S500 and be the envy of the enitre neighborhood.

I'd really appreciate your thoughts and input on this matter.
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