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Rear Wheel Alignment Problem????

I went through some front end problems. In the course of this, I replaced Idler Arm bushings. At that point I put on a new set of tires. After 5,000 miles the fronts had a slight groove on the inside edges. I set the toe and rotated. It is now 7,500 miles later and the fronts that I rotated from the back look really good, so the front end is now no problem.

The right rear, however, shows bald on the inside edge. I have THOROUGHLY checked the rear suspension. There are no bent members, there are no bad bushings in those members and the rear suspension mounts are tight and in good shape.

Now, since there are no adjustments to be made in the rear, and no bushings, mounts are bad, or members are bent, how could the rear be doing this to that tire? At this point I believe that the inboard edge was worn significantly while on the front and then normal wear in the back took it the rest of the way past the tread.

More support of this theory is that the tires that look so good on the front were on the back 7,500 miles ago and obviously did not see any abnormal wear problems while mounted there.

Any experienced suspension/steering people here with any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your comments,
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