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Heat on 420SEL

I bought a 1987 420SEL in April. All summer the air conditioning worked just fine (After a recharge). Now that it is getting cold here (MI) I am trying to get used to the heating system and I don't know if this is how the car is supposed to work. When I push in the center button on climate control and set temperature to around 22 (C) after a couple of minutes the hot air mostly blows out of the defrost, never down by my feet, with some hot coming out the dash vents. This is really annoying to have all the hot air go up the windshield and directly into my face all the time. I am constantly running the heat for a few minutes then having to shut it off as I can't take the hot air directly in the face. I am sorry to report that the MB dealership right down the street from my business are complete morons (at least the advisor guys that you talk to when you go in) and can't even explain if this is operating correctly or not. I just want the hot air to blow from the dash vents or below when I turn on heat and blow from the defrost vents when i press defrost. Anybody know if there is something wrong or if this is what I have to live with during winter months?

Lee Byrum
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