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Door panel has to come off. Most likely culprit is broken plastic retainer clip for lower part of door panel. Have included a couple of other posts here for you to take a look at. Good luck..

The map pocket stays on the door panel. Held on from the backside with screws and clips. After the lock cover and switch trim and pull handle are off,Remove the trim cover for the mirror as well. Lower the window and lift up from the bottom of the panel to disengage the plastic hooks from the door inner panel. Then lift up, disconnect the courtesy light pigtail lead and then remove the panel.

I had the same problem on my 87 300. The hook on the arm rest had broken, leaving the top bolt and aft hook, so the arm rest kind of flopped when pulled. It might be fixable, but takes luck and ingenuity. I had enough plastic stucture left on the arm rest that I was avble to fabricate a new hook out of .080 1/4 hard stainless sheet. I drilled two samll holes through the stainless and then vaery carefully match drilled two small holes into the remaining plastic on the arm rest. I finsihed it off with two part epoxy before installing screws. Everything worked fine, but it does take time and luck. Hope this makes sense, cause I'm afraid to take the panel off to take a picture for you! I think one of the hardest things is for the average joe to access material that is srtong and can still be worked with normal shop tools. If you don't have an aircompresser and die grinders, I would not try it. I can mail you some metal stock if you want to try it. E-mail me at home via the member listing info. I'll also look for posts.

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