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Originally Posted by optimizer View Post
Thanks for the reply!

1) Temperature range... is it normal to get over a 100 on a hot day in stop / go traffic? Other than the rad, thermostat and fan clutch, what else should I be looking at?

5) Engine sound... I took a listen today, and the noise is coming from right around the front left side of the engine bay (right around the thermostat). Any ideas on what could be making the noise? Again.. sounds like a rattling sound. Engine mounts were replaced a couple years back.
I had a 1991 300CE for about 10 years. Early on it ran unusually cool, most of the time in the lo 80's. With the benefit of hindsight, this was probably because of a faulty thermostat staying open most of the time. Towards the end of my ownership, after a new radiator, the temps were usually in the high 80's and on hot days and stop and go traffic it would hang around 100.

If the engine mounts were cheap ones, you could need them again. IIRC the distance from the bottom of the flange of the mount to the frame s/b about 13mm.

A rattle around the thermostat could be the belt tensioner shock (your engine may not have one, check VIN). It should be pretty obvious when you press with a big screwdriver with the engine running. Be careful doing this and stay away from moving parts! The bushings at either end of the shock get old and shrink.

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