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The 116 chassis film doesn't show a repair kit for the servo but the 107 film does. The two servos are the same so I presume the kit listed for the 107 should work for both.

The MB# is 000 830 01 98. One of my suppliers shows having one available so they must still be available from MB. They didn't give a list price but my cost is over half as much as the cost of the whole servo. I woulldn't consider it as a repair in my shop. There are too many ways that thing fails, to pay more than half for the water valve section alone. As I recall the kit only relaces the plastic section that cracks with the alum section and includes the gaskets to do it. I would say at least half of the problems the servo develops have no relation to these parts.

BTW if push comes to shove, I could supply it for $200.

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