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Just out of curiosity, what soot levels are you seeing at 9k miles? And, is your EGR deleted?

On my 602 (5-cylinder and with EGR still intact), I did an oil analysis at 7750 miles and soot was 1.1%. Not alarming in my view (I use M1 TDT), but I decided to play it more conservatively and stick with intervals in the 5-6K range. Part of my logic is that, if I ever have a timing chain snap, I don't want to be in the position of saying, "If only I had changed my oil more frequently!"

There was a long and interesting thread a while back on acceptable soot levels.

FWIW, while there are heated debates on this forum between dino and synthetic, everyone here seems convinced that one should only run longer drain intervals with a good synthetic.

Originally Posted by davidlee View Post
Respectively, My lifters are quiet and my engine already runs smoothly.
Motor oil has came along way, you can do oil analyhsis on Conventional 15W40 HD oil at 8-9 k and it will show good, all you have to worry about is soot contamination, that will happen long before the oil is worn out. so unless you run high EGT's and or dont allow for proper turbo cool down time, Synthetic engine oil is kind of a waste of $$$ in a Diesel from what ive learned.
But to everyone there own. Im just one person last time I counted.

just go to (B*# is the oil guy. com) if you dont believe me.
its like the PP of the oil community.
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