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Hurray the heads off but, I'm confused a bit on the install

Well I went ahead with removing the head vs. just changing the spring, because I was about half way into the job. I got the head off yesterday. I noticed heavy carbon build up on top of the piston. Is their something I can do to clean the top of the piston while the heads off getting a valve job?

Also my neighbor has got me worried about the position of the cam and crankshaft. The MB cd shows that first you mark the cam and chain, but then during the install section it tells ya that the cam should be reset to TDC Ref. mark and the crankshaft to the 0 TDC Mark. Why in the removal would they have you mark the chain and cam if during the install they have you rotate cam and crank back to TDC? It's kind of got me confused.

When I get the head back I know the cam won't be in the same position, so why mark it in ref. to the chain. Also doesn't the chain fall from the timing gear/crank shaft while slack?

The EGR valve thatís on the front exhaust manifold will not come off the tubing. I was able to rotate it enough to get the manifold out but it may cause some problems of being in the way during the install. I am afraid to force it; the tube is kind of fragile looking. Any suggestions!
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