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Sorry man but that sounds like a load of nonsense.

Watch your fluid levels. If your pump is leaking you will be adding water regularly. Like to the tune of weekly if it's an issue along with dangerously high temps all the time.

VC gasket if it's just sweating (just a slight haze of oil and dirt around the edges), leave it. Also $600 to replace the VC gasket? **** THAT! That number had really better be yen or Pesos to make sense.

Brake fluid 4% moisture? LOL How the hell did they figure that one out?

Lastly, "Differential vent cap seized" Huh? Does he mean the filler plug is tight?


Sorry. just drive the car, it's fine for now. Find a new wrench when it finally does run out of water / start overheating.

PS do check your alternator output, faint glowing on dash could mean low overall charge output or just a bad ground somewhere.

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