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I thought I'd try one more time to see if a Tech can help straighten out some of this.

The M-B mechanic said that he got the original quote for labor from the M-B labor book. It showed 1 hr for R&R for shocks. But he is telling me that the shocks on the 4-Matic have springs around them and the extra labor was for removing the springs.

Next comes all the part numbers. The local M-B dealer gave this mechanic the wrong shocks a few times. Here are the part numbers:

1) B362154 - this is suppose to be the Bilstein part number for the shocks. He said these were wrong because they didin't allow for the springs. ???

2) 210.320.36.30 - This is the M-B # for the correct shocks ($179 each!!).

3) L4000-68403 - This is the number that I get when I look the shocks up online. These are about $70 cheaper than the #2. Are these the right ones that work with the springs?

4) L4049-99947 - This too comes from the online sources. What is this mounting kit used for?

The reason I would like all of this straight is that I would like to replace the back ones myself without having to get a loan.
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