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For the proper 5W bulb, go to The proper bulb is a T4W bulb. The ones they sell are blue, but when I put them in my lights, the blue really didn't show up that well. Oh well. They still serve their purpose. You are correct, euro cars do not have what we call side marker lights or side reflectors for that matter. Therefore, euro turn signals have only a 2-post connector with a single filament bulb. And they don't have reflectors. Also on the taillights on a euro car, the orange on the turn signals wraps all the way around, where on US cars there is a red strip for side marker lights. So their marker lights are the "city lights" and the rear taillights which can only be seen from the rear. If you get the euro brackets, you will also have to get euro headlight panels (the panels under the headlights) since the holes do not line up the same. You can get euro wiper arms and blades from Real Bosch parts. They also carry replacement lenses. I could be wrong, but I don't think that the US wiper motors just reversed will work on a "euro wiper conversion" The US wipers only turn 90 degrees where the euros have a wider wiper arc. Let us know what happens!!
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