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Roger Jones
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E320 "Seat click"

I have a 1998 E320 (out of warranty) but only 47,000 KM (29,500 miles) on the clock.

My car has what I hear is an endemic problem with this model - on acceleration and braking the driver's seat "clicks" and moves very slightly. You can feel it in the back as a tiny jolt. I think there is a similar effect in hard cornering (but I might have been accelerating or braking at the time, too.) Nothing is obviously loose and all the seat motors work properly.

This is not a broken or worn part. I am advised that this is due to a seat component manufactured to the wrong dimension or tolerance in that year (and surounding years?), also that MB will replace the faulty part at no charge. Part numbers 2109104136 and 2109103734 may relate to this repair, but I'm not sure of the authenticity of these numbers.

I have at last brought it to the attention of the service manager at MB Express service here in Toronto, Canada, and he said he would "talk to the factory rep" - so far, par for the course. No reply yet (too soon.)

Does anyone in this informed group have more information on this phenomenon that I could use to support my claim for an out-of-warranty fix by MB? Also what needs to be done?

Many thanks for all replies.

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