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Leon Hernandez
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Question 94 C280 shimmey @ 50-65 MPH

Got this lil 'ol shimmy and at first thought hmmm the steering damper. Went to Sears got my free tire rotation and rebalance. was tols the right front had slight feathering on the inside, so me says hmmm again. I call up a MB tech in Houston and he says: All C,E,S series vehicles have a fluid filled lower control bushing that was to make it ride like a Lexus......and that they go out @ about 50k or so. Hmmmm again this makes me think back on the minor shimmy it had for months until it got worse...guess the tire was starting to wear more@ this point.

Soooo, question is: any feedback from the other "C" class owners and on this and does this sound plausible as a common problem. I was given a quote of about 750.00 for the repair, parts labor and alignment, after 6 hours or so. Does this all make sense to you guys out there?

Thanks for the feedback it'll help me make a decision on what avenue to take.

best regards, Leon H
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