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Thanks for all the info guys. I just got in from the garage. I made a few modifications and installed the US wiper motors/arms and drilled new holes in the panel. It actually looks pretty decent, but I will order the 94 E320 panels since they are pretty cheap < $10 at the dealer. Below are FYI tips:
- The motors need to be swapped left to right and vice versa to compensate for the opposite rotation pattern. When the wipers are parked on US models-they point outwards towards the turn signals. On Euro models they park towards the grill.
-The shaft on the US motors are approx 1/2" longer and the wiper blades will not touch the lenses. They must be shimmed by approx 1/2" to work properly.
- If you swap the motors, the control wire will need to the spliced to reach the original right side motor which is now on the driver side. the control motor(pass side) has 4 wires. The follower motor (driver side) only has three wires.
- I will eventually order the 94 E320 wiper arms and blades to complete the Euro look and also make the headlight ajduster operational .....but these will have to wait.
-The car actually looks pretty sharp as it is.
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