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94 E320 new codes of 6 and 17

I had a problem this evening. My wife and her friends were driving home from an afternoon out shopping and the car hestiated and then stalled. This happened a few times in the course of several miles. She called and I asked her to park it and I'll call AAA.

I go o the car and try to limp it home but it eventually stalls completely and won't restart.

The diagnostic module flashes 6 and 17 and the 26 that I have been dealing with for awhile now. The 6 and 17 are new. What do you think could be causing these codes? 6 is idle speed control (ISC) and 17 is data transfer....that's all the info. I have so far

Any suggestions?

btw, here is some more info

clicking noise in cabin, I traced in to a silver module next to the battery, has a clip flip lid with a fuse in the top of the module..OVP?

it was raining all day, my wife said she drove through a puddle and problems occurred shortly thereafter

wiring harness was replaced, according to history in Mercedes database

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