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Johnson Chan
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1986 300E stalling/reving/airbag problem

Hello everybody, I need your expertise on a gasoline car. A couple days ago I bought a 86 300E to tinker with for fun.

Most stuff is ok and easy but i am stumped about a problem i have.

The car will stall when put in drive (rarely) but not in reverse. When idling the car will rev the engine by itself. It will sometimes stall, but mainly rev up and down a little. Before i start changing all the parts, what could cause this? since its somewhat related to the transmission, are these cars like the diesels and rely on vaccum?

Also, if i replace the airbag, will the SRS light go out by itself or do i have to take it to the dealer to have it reset? How easy is it to replace the airbag? how much does it cost (used) usually?

P.S. how much is a 1986 300E with 190,XXX with a salvage title worth? It is a theft recovery vehicle, minor stuff like radio faceplate missing and airbag, other than that, it seems fine. I bought it so i can drive it on snowy and bad weather days so i dont damage my other cars, or just sell this car.
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