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AUX fans not working correctly?

I just found this forum and registered so let me first say hi to everyone. I bought an 89 190E 2.6 a couple of months ago. Here is the problem I'm having. The AUX fans are not coming on when the A/C is running at idle. The result is the air isn't cold when the car is sitting still. The compressor runs but without the fans pulling air through the condensor the air isn't cold. The air gets cold once I start driving down the road and air is getting pushed through the condensor. The fans also will not come on when the car starts getting hot. If I have to stay in line at a drive-thru or traffic for a while the car starts to get hot. It just keeps getting hotter. I've seen the fans come on a couple of times when it got hot and cool the car down but there is no consistency. 99% of the time the fans never come on even when the needle is approaching 120C. I'm thinking maybe the coolant temp sensor is bad. Any suggestions? Also can someone tell me a good place to get service manuals for this car besides the dealership. This is my first Mercedes so these cars are Greek to me right now. Thanks everyone.
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