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Sam Ho
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Corrections to the last message: I had both the fwd lwr arms changed. This was at the advice of my mechanic that the ball-joints were showing excessive play. It was suppose to be a cheap ball-joint rplmt but this set of lwr arms come with integrated ball-joints!!! Tried asking other mechanics and it all pointed to the more expensive lwr arm chg.
The whole idea of the excercise was to enhance the handling/feel of the car. That turned out to be a big dissapointment now with the ever present annoying 'clunk' at low speed, sharp corners like parking the car or slow turns.
I noticed that these sounds do not appear for the first few miles when everything is cool. When things get a bit hotter like after 10-20 miles the 'clunk' will come at almost all slow/sharp turns and even when slowing down in a straight line.
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