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Larry, I am not familiar with that particular installation, but I hope the description I provide can be adapted to fit your specific configuration.

I assume the carb has a flat surface that fits over studs on the intake. Bring the carb to your local machine shop or tech center and set it on a surface plate. This is a precision ground chunk of granite that is extremely flat. Slip a feeler gage between the carb and the surface palte to see if it is flat. If not, spray some WD-40 on the surface palte and lay a sheet of fine "emery cloth", cloth side down, abrasive side up, and then "lap the carb's mating surface by moving it in a figure 8 motion. This is so simple and quick that youshould be able to do this by bringing in a six pack or a dozen doughnuts for the host. They will proabably get nervous about the abrasive around the surface plate , especially if they don't know you.

For the intake, there are precision straight edges (probably harder for you to obtain) that can be used the same way to measure with the intake still installed. If studs need t be removed, install two nuts on the stud and using two wrneches, tighten the nuts against each other, very tight. Then put a wrnech on the nut closet to the insttake and turn to loosen. If both nuts slip, tighten them a little more and try again. This will let youget the studs out without damaging the studs or buying special tools. And now for the saftey pitch, think about what your knuckles will impact if the wrench slips! Be smart, be careful!

If the intake is not flat, using a new fine cut flat bastard (file that is) you can probably resurface it in place if you take your time!

If you really want to get fancy, youcould use transfer blue to check the fit, but this is overkill in my opinion.

Sorry if this is too verbous, but I would rather provide too much detail so all readers can get maximum knowledge or stimulate other ideas.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

87 300TDT
150,000 miles

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