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Thanks Deezel for your tips!

Jeff, bent linkages is what I thought at first too, but after I lubed the hell out of every moving part, I decided that (duh) maybe I should disconnect the linkage closest to the carb to see where its sticking. This lead to the ultimate conclusion that the linkage was sticking within the carb..well actually the throttle plates didnt want to move freely. I thought in horror for a moment that maybe I did screw something up in re-assembly, but once lifted off the intake, everything was normal. I am starting to lean in the direction that the intake is warped, since the carb does not slip on over the studs and pretty much fall into place...I have to push it down to make contact with the intake. I am wondering if intake warpage is a common thing, an isolated incident, or a telltale sign of trauma in the past.

thanks for your replies!
-Larry (slightly warped)

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