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Well here is what I did today. I removed the battery, removed out the OVP, opened it up and looked for bad soldered connections. I found a broken joint at a chip labeled 300 I resoldered the connection with a hot iron and a tad bit of new solder. I then took very fine sand paper and cleaned the points that stuck out of the bottom of the OVP. I put it back together, reinstalled it, reinstalled the battery and crossed my fingers.

I fired it up, still had a check engine light, went back to check the diagnostic box to count flashes and there were none. I cleared the check engine light and seems to be well. I took the car for a spirited 30 minute ride to bring it up to temp and no check engine light. I also have a code 26 (upshift delay) that can trip the light but that won't come back for awhile anyway.

I hope I found the problem
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