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I recommend that you don't risk losing that '47 Chevy Hub Cap!

From your statements I could not verify that the tire that was "feathering" was the one that appeared to cause the pull. I expect, though, that the tire with the feathering has "conicity." If the feathering is caused by alignment problems on the front, it is almost always caused by incorrect toe. In the case of incorrect toe, BOTH front tires would be feathered in opposite directions.

I would highly recommend following Williams advice and pitch a hissy fit in their fancy showroom and get some round, cylindrical tires from them.

Once you have round, cylindrical tires, ensure that they are balanced with weights inboard AND outboard on a computer balancer in DYNAMIC mode. This is best done by a tire store kid with an IQ above 70 and more importantly an attitude for getting it done correctly. This is a great time for them to go by the old commercial addage "the customer is always right."

Best of luck,

PS I'm not saying that "liquid filled lower control arm bushings" is a bunch of bunk, but it's the wildest thing that I've heard in a while. I'm interested to hear more about what these people tell you regarding this. Proceed carefully and with suspicion. LB
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