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How do I remove lower half of air filter housing?

I thought I posted this last night but something must have gone wrong. I can't believe I'm asking something so simple, but, after spending 30 minutes last night and a fair amount of skin from my knuckles, I need help.

My car is an 88 300SE.

I took the four 10mm off the cover and removed it. Then I tried to remove the bottom of the housing. I found three 10 mm nuts to remove. Two on the passenger's side of the cover that mounted from the top down and are located on 2 plastic "feet" that come off the bottom cover. The third is easily seen if you stand at the driver's fender and look at the driver's side of the cover. But, the front and rear still feel securely attached. I can't find anything else though. I did remove the fresh air feed to the housing so that's not it. Anyone know wht else I'm missing?
Ron Brooks
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