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Below is my original question, having read the previous answers to the hot air problem, since I cannot find any blown fuses, I am guessing it must be the coil. But where on the car is this coil located.

300TD Turbodiesal

With sparks flying, I shorted out the circuit that controls the heater control valve, by accidently shorting the outputs of the heater control cable to each other. The cable was disconnected from the heater control valve. It is electrical controlled, not vacuum. Since I cannot find this circuit in the Haynes Repair Manual I would like to ask if anybody can help me understand what circuit I have blown and what I need to do to fix this. Also would it be OK to jury rig the heater control valve to be closed by applying a it directly with 12volts.

With respect to finding replacement parts, does anyone have comments on buying parts from SPI, Santa Rosa California.

thanks Michael

Originally posted by Alec:
I took the valve out and inspected the rubber washers (a.o.k.) and the coil. The coil had a fault where the thin copper wire burnt or coroded. I soldered the wire back and it seems to work fine for now. If a new coil isn't rediculously price I'll replace the old. Thanks so much for the info.

TCCBass...let me know how your venture turns out. Thanks.

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