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Repair Manual

Is there a general consensus on what is the best basic repair manual for our older cars? Mine's an 88 300SE. The incredible detail on engine internals, electronics and schematics found on the CD ROMS would be a waste on me as I'm honest enough to admit I can't read them and won't be dismantling my engine in any event. I need a good basic manual.

Haynes had one for my 944 that allowed me to do all normal and some more involved maintenance items (replacing radiator, thermostat and wheel bearings and the like). If the CD ROMS are packed with useful info on these basic items then perhaps they'd be a good thought but my impression is that they are not "maintenance guides" as such just a bit and piece breakdown of every item in the car.

Has anyone used them for normal maintenance? XMas is approaching and I could give Santa a hint or two.
Ron Brooks
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