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Bought the EZ-Out

Thanks for all the suggestions. I actually did try the vacuum hose route but by that time I had put too much Liquid Wrench into the pin. So I ran out and got an EZ-Out set, which I really should have had all along, and the pin was out within 10 minutes of returning home with the tool.

I'm now done with the timing chain related stuff and have moved onto doing the valve stem seals. Three cylinders done before quiting last night. The only problem I've had on this part of the project is that I didn't get one piston to TDC. This meant that when I attached the compressed air, the engine spun backwards...unfortunately I had also left the wrench on the crank and this swung around and ripped off one of the tranny cooler lines. Needless-to-say the garage was a very colorful place for a moment That's also why I stopped at that point.


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