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Fuel Pump Relay Interchangeability

My son in law's 1988 190e died. I pulled his fuel pump relay and plugged in an extra I had from my '88 300 TE and the 190 car started right up.
The relay that came with the 190e is p/n 001 545 78 05
The extra relay I have is p/n 003 545 24 05
I hate to leave the 300 relay in the 190 car, even though it seems to be o.k. as I don't know if it is going to hurt something else. The 300 relay has an "87H" terminal that the 190 relay doesn't. Two questions: 1. Does anyone know if it would be o.k. to run the car with this 300 relay in it?, 2. Does anyone know a source that will repair these relays? I now have a couple of bad ones and they seem to be easily repairable.
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