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My 124 cruise is UNcontrolled

I've followed all the troubleshooting steps for the cruise control on my 1989 260e;

-checked voltages
-checked continuities
-checked current draw
-resoldered amplifier
-cleaned pins

But I didn't fix anything. Sometimes (10% of the time) it will accelerate when I lift the stalk upward and hold it there - but only from a cold start. And only once. After I stop accelerating - say for a school bus or a dog crossing the street - it will not do anything again on that trip.

However, last week I had the local MB dealer do a 4wheel alignment (I just put on new shocks, struts, tires). Driving home from the dealer, I went through my routine test of the cruise just to see if it will accelerate - and lo-and-behold - it held at 67mph perfectly! It accelrated a couple MPH with each tap upward and decelrated with each tap downward. I was tempted to keep on cruising down I-90 just to see how long it would hold, but I had to get home. I cancled the cruise and exited the highway. I tried setting it again on a straightaway at about 40mph. And it held. I tried accerating - and it died. And hasn't worked since.

Is it just coincidence that it worked immediatly after the alignment? I gotta' think that is the case. If not, it would still be working - right?
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