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'96 E-320 Rattle in Dash

My E-320 has 66K miles on it and is in excellent shape. My wife and I noticed a rattle in the dash some time ago that has gotten progressively worse. At first the rattle was very inconsistent but now it occurs almost constantly when driving. The noise goes away when the car is stopped. Although I am convinced that the rattle is in the dash on the drivers side, it is possible that it is coming from under the hood, maybe on the firewall. I do not feel any vibration in the steering wheel but it almost has to be vibration related. It does not change with engine speed but does change with road speed. It also seems to get worse on windy days.

I know these noises can be difficult to identify, but thought maybe someone else out there in MBland might have experienced a similar problem.

Any thoughts would be appreciated....

John Hamilton
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