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Driving Cross Country !! Woo Hooooo

Just a couple of quick questions...

Near the end of January I will be driving cross country as it is the least expensive and most exciting option for moving across the US. As I have posted before my car has a intermittent valve tick when the pressure is low but only sometimes. A few months ago I took it in to the local MB dealership to see about having a valve job done. Two of the techs looked and listened to the motor. To paraphrase one said don't worry about it now, your car runs great and will go for another '100,000' miles like that, drive it. So my first question is it wise to drive 2500 miles cross country like this. I tend to think so as I have been driving it for nearly 20,000 miles like this around town as well as on a few trips. I do intend to have it fixed in the near future but If I can put it off just a little longer until after the move my life will be a little easier..

Also, Where on the engine block are the drain plugs for the cooling system? And what is the best way to do it!

I might add that my car has about 241,000 miles. I purchased it from a MB tech two years ago.Parts that I have replaced include: Ball joints, tie rods, center link, sway bar bushings, Bosch alternator, thermostat, radiator, fan clutch, belt tensioner, drive belt, shocks, struts, springs, and tires.

Thanks for any advice you may have


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