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Finally got the blower to turn on..

and I tested voltage at the 3 pin firewall connector. Same results -- 7volts DC on any setting. Based on an archived post where post mentioned that if voltage is same when blower is working and not, then the regulator is fried -- I was almost positive the regulator was bad.

Well, I was all set to order a blower regulator when I came across this Steve B post:

If the control voltage as measured on the connector behind the vacuum boost stays at a constant 7 volts, then the odds are your ACC has been damaged. Check all your fuses and retest the voltages. If no change, then I'm betting ACC module.
Steve, if you read this post, please elaborate. What is it about the 7 voltage reading that leads you to believe the PBC unit is bad?

I'd really hate to pull the blower only to find out the PBC needs to be replaced. (all solders look good)

again, TIA!
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