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Justin, Don't take it personally, but if you look over your posts, I've never stated you asked dumb questions. I have observed that you have had many problems with one of your cars. You never made it clear which model etc. you had, so most of your posts were responded to in a general way by most of the good folk who frequent this site, (including your's truly). I've tried to give you the best advice I could based on what I know and my own personal experience. Maybe you should create a profile signature including the cars that you own, year model, whatever. In this way, no one will have to guess about what car you are asking about. Try it..
BTW, if you look below, my cars are pretty old. Also, when you see one of these , it should tip you off that the person is not being serious or is pulling your leg. Keep posting, keep asking, that's how I learned most of what I know (Which isn't much compared to some of these other guys).

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