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I had both my wife and neighbor look at the image while I had the borescope in the cylinder and they both agreed that there is a horizontal (ish) mark, that isn't from the factory. Again, the cylinder walls are nice and clean and the original boring marks are very visible.

Is it possible to have a crack in the cyl wall, yet have no issue of burning coolant (thick white smoke). I estimate that this mark, is about 1 - 1 1/2 inches down from the top of the piston. There is no evidence of oil in my coolant. Maybe I am chasing my tail here.....

The car has CIS (hard fuel lines) The car actually failed emissions for excessive HCs. Again, the garage figured this issue maybe a burnt exhaust valve and it's not only affecting compression, but letting unburnt gas get through. They were going to disconnect #3 cyl fuel injector, and re-run the emissions test, to get it to pass, but since it's CIS, no can do.....

The head gasket was replaced on this car 37,000 miles ago. The valve train was gone through while the head was off, and there were no issues. I always use 93 octane gas and every so often (no sooner than 3K miles) I put in a bottle of Techron fuel system cleaner. I am getting about 24 mpg in this car. So I don't see a burnt valve developing after only 37K miles. However, I could be wrong, hence my asking for opinions.
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