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1984 300D Light Ivory unique car

Well, folks. I picked this car up a few weeks ago and I was sure it had a leaking fuel tank. There were 4 holes in the trunk metal cover plate (against fuel tank) and the big gauge wires cutoff above. I was certain an audio amplifier of some type had previously been installed "incorrectly".

Today, I dug into this car. Removed the cover against the fuel tank and behold, no hole in the fuel tank. Hmmm..... I know I smelled diesel in the trunk when I went to test drive the car. And it was even wet in the trunk with an oily feel --- feels like diesel, you know. So, I'm looking at the other side, and behold the fuel filler compartment drain hose is off. The hose appears too short and I can't get it back onto the fuel filler compartment drain nipple.

Any ideas on how to reconnect the hose? Do I replace the hose?
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