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Let me expalin this in more detail:

cover: is the aluminum cover where the lower radiator hose is attached to and has a notch to guide the t-stat properly

body: Aluminum part bolted to the block where the water pump is screwed onto.

- A rubber o-ring lies between the cover and the T-stat. My problem is that there is nothing in between the T-stat and the body. Take note that the T-stat is a bit recessed into the cover (about 2-3mm). So when I bolt the "cover" to the "body" = it's aluminum against aluminum. I think water will definitely seep through here.

Is'nt there another o-ring between the T-stat and the body?

When I took out my old T-stat there was rubber on both ends. One facing the cover and body, but it seemed like the ruber was "one" piece.

Hope this helps. I tried again to install it but it's really aluminum against aluminum. Even how tight I screw the bolts.

This is the part number that says "gasket" 601 203 00 76

Can anyone look this up if this is just an ordinary O-ring or a special gasket that wraps around the T-stat.

Thanks guys!


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