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Exclamation My hood came unlatched at 55MPH!

I lifted my hood to the full vertical position on my 190E so I could change the airfilter. When I went to close the hood, it would not latch! I thought it might be the gas strut not fully compressing. I figured I would give it some time to compress. After about 2 hours I came back and tried it again. This time it latched

I decided to test drive the car to assess any change with the clean airfilter. Unfortunately as soon as I hit 55mph it popped back up! Fortunately, the safety latch caught it and I safely pulled over to the side of the road to change my pants and shut the hood.

With a fesh pair of pants and the hood shut again, I turn around and head back home. Now at 50mph the hood pops up again. I shut it again and attempt to keep my speed under 50 mph. I make it home and swear I will never open my hood again.

I drove the 190E today and everything was fine, even at 65mph.

I'm wondering if it's the hood latch, hood strut or kharma that's causing this to happen. Any ideas


1998 C43 ///AMG
1999 C230 Custom 5-Speed Manual
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