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Originally Posted by brewtoo View Post
Just wanted to let you know that I replaced the capacitors in several of these units. I had several I had bought from junk yards. All dead.

Now, every single one works perfectly.

BTW, I only replaced the caps - I did not re-solder the rest of the board on any of them.

One of mine had been "refurbished" according to the sticker on it. Inside, I studied the board and the parts were all original. It appears that the refurb consisted of nothing more than re-soldering all the joints. I say that because there was a good bit more solder on these joints than on any of my other boards. Also, the shellac had been stripped and a thin coat had been sprayed back on. Anyway, it too was dead. I replaced the six caps and it works great again as well.

Thanks for your help!
Glad to be of help!

Someone shipped me in a core that had a "refurbished" sticker on it as well. It looked like someone half-stripped off the coating and re-soldered in a few spots. Didn't replace anything. I came across this same company's website and they had a price of some $300+ for that particular model!
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