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Originally posted by tjohn
Yeah, it's tough to see how you can beat the 123s (I assume you weren't referring to the 115 - not that it couldn't make a claim of its own...). You almost need to specify diesel or gas, because otherwise its not a fair fight.

As for the 300E... no. A fine car, but in no way the most reliable Mercedes. If I were going to nominate a gas car, I'd probably go for the 450SEL. Bulletproof engine, mechanically sound chassis. Rust killed them, not much else...
Well Gang, we are discussing which IS the most reliable MB. The w123 240D/stick is BY FAR the most reliable and least expensive MB to maintain.

This is very important when it comes to longevity/durability and reliability.

The diesel MB that will endure for a longtime for the least amount of money is the w123 240D/stick.

Now, the most reliable gas MB, I would say is a w123 280E M110 6cylinder. I believe it is more reliable than a v/8 450SEL and will cost you less to maintain.

A w124/300E will never out do a w123 in reliability, longevity, and least out of pocket expense. It wouldn't be reliable...
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