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Help, my car (300-CE) shakes to much


I have 2 questions and i hope that someone knowes a awnser.

1) I have changed my, what we call in Holland "Fusee-kogel", "Fusee-bullit) now my car chakes realy bad, it feels like my front weel is lose.

2) The engine is pulling fake air (valse lucht), this is wy my power-steering is not working good, so they tell me at the garage. Can someone tell where and what to look for when there are problems with power-steering, because everytime i turn my steering-weel my rpm drops real low and the shuts-down, and because of this my engine is rocking hard, feels like there is no oil in the engine but ther is.

PLease can someone help me, i have spend somuch money on this car, and still drives bad.

Anny help apriciatted.
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