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Hard Starting

The starting problem existed only in cooler and/or wet weather. My guess was that fuel delivery wasn't the problem, otherwise the problem would probably have been more consistent, despite the weather. I didn't really know it was the coil, as I don't have my own diagnostic equipment, but I took a guess and figured I'd start with the easiest-to-deal-with, most common problems. The car has over 150,000 on it and the coil was the original part. I found a guy who would replace it for $110, parts/labor, so I figured what the heck. The coils tend to go on these cars after a certain time anyway. I did also replace the overvoltage protection relay previous to the coil, but that wasn't the problem. But i've heard that sometimes that can be the culprit, too. At least now I know those two parts are OK for another 100,000K or so.
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