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sorry for the late update.
came saturday, we lift the car and finally found out that the transmission is still the original 2.6 tranny. we manage to turn the modulator to a half turn to the left, yes it made the car shift more softer than before, but it did not made any difference on the jerking problem at 4K rpm. its still there.
can you or anybody here tell me more about the rev limitter? where and how to do the adjustment(if possible).

i don't have the money right now for me to do the tranny swap and i'm not even sure if everything will fit as per suginami states " The 300E, E320, and E420 used the 722.3 transmission, which is the one you should use, providing that it'll fit."
so i'm trying to find out whats the next best thing to do.

on another note, potomac pat is selling a M104 engine complete per his post at 190E revolution,
" I just took possesion of low mileage M104 engine. It is a complete engine assembly !! All brackets & harnesses included.

If you own a 90-93 (W201) 190E 2.6 this is a drop in conversion with minimal swapping and it is FASSSSSSSST !!!"

does this means that the buyer would still need the tranny for that to work right?

thanks guys,
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