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I have some Mercedes A/F that was leftover from last years A/F change in my car, and they are identical in color. I know that color doesn't tell the whole story, BUT........I find it hard to believe that a company the size of Valvoline would risk litigation with Mercedes on a topic such as anti-freeze by touting it's approval without actually having Benzs' consent.

Now that wouldn't make any sense, talk about shooting yourself in the foot!!

I think those who investigate this new G-05 A/F will be pleasantly surprised to find it's the exact same thing as the Mercedes brand for several dollars less, and more readily available for a lot of people (like myself).

You know something else I'm impressed with concerning AutoZone is their decision to carry the Mobil 1 0W-40. Talk about an oil that is as close to perfect for all climates and types of driving. Close to instant circulation at startup as well as great protection for the heat and lead foots out there. I LOVE IT!! And this coming from a die-hard Amsoil man!!

Damn I love progress!!

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