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I experience chassis rise when I replaced the front and rear shocks on our '91 300E.

I called bistein tech support. Yes there is a gas-charged pre-load. Yes it is around 75lb influence. The tech person was friendly and helpful but didn't feel that the car would rise because of new shocks (I installed Bilstein HDs, BTW).

Am I wrong or are these "chassis rising problems" clustered around the use of Bilstein HDs?

The tech said that when bolts are tightened on certain applications, that the car should be standing, not on a lift. But he also said these were rare occurances and never with Mercedes ....

So that left me not knowing what to do next. I am contemplating replacing the spring collars with thinner ones .... but I still don't think the car should rise with new shocks.

I think we are missing something ...

Hope this helps ....

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