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You'll have to go on the waiting list. I've had several people tell me they want to my manual transmission 124. I totally understand why. It took me a long time to find one and I felt very fortunate to find one at all, much less a good one in the right color. I would have taken one in almost any condition and certainly any color.

However, I'll probably have it when I go to my grave, unless I go to my grave because of the way I drive it. In that case there probably won't be anything left for my wife to sell you.

If you're really interested in finding one, watch the adds in the Star. There was one in there about a year ago. I would even put a wanted ad in the Star and certainly in the Shop and Swap on this forum. Good luck, if you can find one, I'll bet you'll get as attached as I am.

I'm doing my taxes today too. It is a major league stress generator. The schedule D is insane, the fact that if you make too much money you can't get a tax credit for sending your son to college, and then you have to get a specific form to send in the money you owe. I guess we're the only country in the world where we get penalized for working hard to get ahead. I guess they're trying to say that if you make too much money, you're kids shouldn't go to college.

Good luck,

Larry Bible
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