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Thanks Matt, I will try them
We are trying to get it back together today but are having a few problems . We decided to replace the bottom chain rails as well as the 4 top ones, including tensioner. The top rails were very dark brown and showed a fair amount of wear , while on the main tensioner rail , the teflon? pad was worn HALF away and the chain had worn considerably into the alloy support it was attached to. This was enough to frighten me into delving into removing the front timing cover and all the extra work this involved. The biggest hurdle now is getting the timing cover to go back and the fiddling around to get the oil pump chain back into place. Does anyone know if it is easier to put back if the oil pump chain is broken and inserted this way and then using a joiner much like the main cam chain? We did not remove the whole sump, only removed the bottom of the front sump. I am taking photos of most of this with my digital camera and should be able to post these later if anyone is interested. As said before, dont have cd yet and have guesed the timing marks proceedure a bit. Put the crank at TDC for #1 and used what appears to be timing marks on the left and right cams , but would feel more confident if someone could confirm that I have used the right marks. The motor seemed to turn over normally when we used a spanner on the crank and turned it over about 4 revolutions. Dad and I have worked on lots of other cars/trucks/& buses before but this is the first MB , but I have a feeling this could be an addictive habit.
Regards Ian
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